Gardenia Reciprocating UV Spray Line

Our reciprocating uv spray line is perfect for products such as profiles, cabinet doors, panels, flooring, trim, moulding and furniture panels

  1. First step, line includes rotating brush for texturing, which prevents a pattern
  2. Second step, spray compartment uses reciprocating spray heads to ensure finish of leading and trailing ends of stock, sides, etc., for full coverage
  3. Third step, “flash off oven” to remove moisture and/or water droplets
  4. Final step, UV lights for curing (used different lights for different products and finishes)
  5. Color matching available.
  • Nothing is racked, which would allow dust to settle on surface; rather, all products are instant cured eliminating dust as a factor.
  • Products are stacked and packaged ready-to-go RSF uses a “Bunk Flipper,” which is a pallet flipper that allows entire pallet to flip to keep preferred side of product upward.
  • Packaging (white label and otherwise) of products is available, call for details.
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Rippling Stream Finishing

Since 1995, we've been providing Ohio and surrounding states with the finest quality finishing for commercial, indstrial and residential purposes. Our lines have been designed for high-volume production - or smaller, custom runs - using the finest premium finishes.

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